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How Servicenow ESG can support Singapore’s MOM Compass framework

In September 2023, Singapore MOM, introduced the COMPASS framework with the goal of improving and streamlining its work visa management procedures.
The Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) capabilities of ServiceNow can significantly reduce the amount of effort involved in complying with Singapore’s COMPASS framework for workforce immigration regulations. ServiceNow ESG integrates compliance reporting, aligns with social impact goals, and makes sure that hiring procedures adhere to the diverse workforce and ethical standards mandated by COMPASS. This will help companies immense including keeping corporate policies current and assisting with stakeholder communication regarding COMPASS standards adherence. Its risk management capabilities also proactively handle compliance issues, which is crucial for navigating visa application procedures. All things considered, ServiceNow ESG offers a comprehensive, effective solution for managing compliance with COMPASS standards for international workforce management.

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