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How ServiceNow could have helped when DBS and CITI bank in Singapore encountered a major system failure in Oct, 2023

Due to a cooling system issue, DBS Bank and Citibank in Singapore encountered a major system failure in Oct, 2023 that affected roughly 2.5 million transactions. They encountered a great deal of difficulty getting their services back.

Here, integrating ServiceNow‘s Orchestration capabilities with its business continuity management (BCM) capabilities could have been crucial. With its capacity for real-time system monitoring might have been able to identify the data center’s rising temperature problem earlier and avert or lessen the severity of the outage.

Such a strategy would likely have streamlined the recovery process. The orchestration of ServiceNow’s ITOM and Event Management with BCM capabilities provides a coordinated response to business continuity challenges like this. Additionally, ServiceNow’s capabilities in ensuring regulatory compliance would have been instrumental in maintaining operational standards throughout the incident. This holistic approach could have made a significant difference in managing and resolving the outage effectively.

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