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Streamlining Vulnerability Management with ServiceNow

The scenario of resolving a serious Windows OS vulnerability highlights the essential role that ServiceNow plays in vulnerability management. The process commences when scanning technologies such as Tenable identify a critical security vulnerability in Windows OS, after which the information is sent on to ServiceNow. In this case, vulnerability is assessed for impact, severity, and exploitability, resulting in a risk score that ranks the problem in order of importance. The effectiveness of ServiceNow is evident in the way it groups related vulnerabilities and develops a thorough repair workflow that include patch deployment and communication tactics. This approach is carried out by the designated Windows Systems Team, which updates ServiceNow after repair. Re-scanning to verify resolution and ServiceNow producing extensive reports and analytics round off the procedure. ServiceNow strengthens the organization’s entire security infrastructure while streamlining the response to critical vulnerabilities.

Note – To maintain clarity in the flowchart, some elements are intentionally omitted.

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